Robin Anne Lovely, MBA, CFP®, CDFA™

Robin Lovely is the Founder of the Women's Advisory Group.

Robin's mission is to educate and support clients as they plan for and cope with the financial consequences of major life transitions. We focus on long term planning while helping our clients navigate immediately pressing issues such as death or sudden illness of a spouse or partner, divorce, job loss, retirement or a sudden financial windfall.

Her passion is to educate and empower women to make sound financial decisions based both on the numbers and their life goals. You see for us, money is not a game or a way of keeping score; it is what gives us the freedom to explore all of what life has to offer. Robin's investment philosophy is built not on "Did I beat the marker or find the latest hot stock" but rather "Can I remain independent? Will I be able to help my children or grandchildren? Can I realize my dream of traveling to faraway places and continuing to learn and grow?" or whatever is meaningful to you. 

We view our roles as coaches, sounding boards and a support system. Our work together is a partnership with our clients.


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